Racial Disparities in Autism Diagnoses

By Todd A. Ward, PhD, BCBA-D bSci21Media, LLC As behavior analysts, we know that three selective processes influence behavior.  Biological selection, based on survival of the species, influences our genetic susceptibilities to our environment.  Operant [...]
ABA Practice

ACT for Parents of kids with Asthma

Todd A. Ward, PhD, BCBA-D bSci21Media, LLC Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or “ACT”, is now backed by several hundred Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) since the 1980s, with applications ranging from the treatment of mental disorders [...]

ABA Tech Startup Helps BCBAs Succeed

By Todd A. Ward, PhD, BCBA-D bSci21Media, LLC George Joshua, a behavior analysis graduate student from Western Michigan University (WMU), was the recent recipient of a $10,000 Brian Patrick Thomas Entrepreneurial Spirit Award for his [...]

Health Behavior Change with ACT

By Brianna Z. Kauer, M.S., BCBA Guest Author; Owner, Create Behavior Solutions According to the World Health Organization, 1.6 million people died from diabetes in 2016. It is currently the 7th leading cause of death in [...]