Your behavior says you’re lying!

By Todd Ward, PhD, BCBA-D ( Founding Editor, Behavior analysts have talked a little about lying.  For example, Skinner (1957) regarded lying as a distorted tact.  For him, lying was indicative of a certain […]


You Don’t Listen!

By Scott Herbst, PhD bSci21 Contributing Writer I’ve been thinking a lot, for a fairly long time, about listening.  It’s something that, as behavior analysts, in which I think we’re curiously uninterested.  At this point, […]


Take a Cruise with Behavior Analysts!

By Todd A. Ward, PhD, BCBA-D Founding Editor, Michael Sobbell, founding president of Autism on the Seas, built a company that organizes cruises for families whose members have been diagnosed with autism or other developmental disabilities. […]