A Mother, her kids, and an ABA app.

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Below is the story of Chantale Dupuis, a mother of two boys with autism, who has come to benefit from the ABA DrOmnibus App – a technology designed to facilitate in-home delivery of ABA services in the absence of a therapist.  Chantale’s story is part of an ongoing DrOmnibus series on bSci21.org, including the story of a father in Canada whose 3-year old son benefits from the app, and an interview with two DrOmnibus leaders on the past, present, and future of their burgeoning ABA technology company.

When did you learn about the DrOmnibus app?

I found the DrOmnibus app several months ago on Different Roads to Learning while researching educational products for my sons who both have autism and started following them on social media.

In your opinion, what are the most attractive features of the games in the app?

The whole app has a clean design with bright images which is important for kids with autism as they get easily distracted by visual clutter. The prompts and the rewards are also a crucial part of learning and it’s very well done in this app.

Do you think that the app can be used to motivate children?

Yes, both my children love this app and they are on opposite ends of the autism spectrum which shows that no matter the level of autism, this app makes it motivating to learn. The token rewards and play activities are the very basis of why ABA therapy works.

Do your children have any favourite games or other features of the app?

My youngest son, who is high functioning, loves the sound quizzes. He loves to listen and guess the sound. My oldest loves the fruits and vegetables recognition tasks because he loves to eat all the time and fruits are his favorite.

Are there any features of the app that you particularly like?

As a parent, I really like the concepts tasks because so many of these concepts are difficult to teach to our kids with autism.

Do you notice any differences in your children from their use of the app?

I notice a difference in their ability to concentrate. They can work for longer periods because it’s on their iPads and they love technology.

Have your children learned anything from the app?

My children have definitely learned from this app. They have broadened their vocabulary and knowledge as well as increased their concentration and patience.

Would you recommend the DrOmnibus app to parents who are thinking about using apps for children with autism?

I would recommend this app to all parents of children with autism whether their kids are homeschooled or go to school. As parents of children with autism, we often feel like we have to be therapists, teachers, and doctors, as well as parents. Not only is DrOmnibus a valuable learning tool for kids, it also relieves the pressure on parents having to create tasks to help their kids to learn.

If you are interested in learning more about DrOmnibus, or receiving a free 14-day trial of their app, click here

*DrOmnibus attests that the preceding testimonial was solicited from a previous client, whose relationship with the company was that of a customer of the App.


Todd A. Ward, PhD, BCBA-D is the President and Founder of bSci21Media, LLC, which owns the top behavior analytic media outlet in the world, bSci21.org.  bSci21Media aims to disseminate behavior analysis to the world and to support ABA companies around the globe through the Behavioral Science in the 21st Century blog and its subsidiaries, bSciEntrepreneurial, bSciWebDesign, bSciWriting, bSciStudios and the ABA Outside the Box CEU series.  Dr. Ward received his PhD in behavior analysis from the University of Nevada, Reno under Dr. Ramona Houmanfar.  He has served as a Guest Associate Editor of the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, and as an Editorial Board member of Behavior and Social Issues.  Dr. Ward has also provided ABA services to children and adults with various developmental disabilities in day centers, in-home, residential, and school settings, and previously served as Faculty Director of Behavior Analysis Online at the University of North Texas.  Dr. Ward is passionate about disseminating behavior analysis to the world and growing the field through entrepreneurship. Todd can be reached at todd.ward@bsci21.org

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