Advisory Board

Angela Cathey, M.A. is the Owner, Director, and Team/Leadership Development Consultant of Enso Group. Enso Group is a social entrepreneurial, networked organization that develops and markets solutions to complex social problems.  Enso now has customers and collaborators on six continents and is in the process of scaling up its operations.

Angela’s path toward social entrepreneurship began in academic research. She has focused on finding and moving solutions to complex social issues through a focus on process, measurement, and systems. She began to transition from academia to social entrepreneurship after developing a Relational Frame Theory (RFT) based algorithm, data capture, and data analytics system. During the process of developing this solution she entered a National Science Foundation (NSF) i-Corps program. NSF i-Corps is a federally funded program that trains scientists to develop, market, and validate products based on scientific innovation. This program also focuses training scientists to develop business models, use Lean Start-up methodology, and form partnerships.


Manuel “Manny” Rodriguez, M.S. has been working as an Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) practitioner for over a decade.  Manny has worked with organizations to improve performance across a variety of industries such a health and human services, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and chemical.  From startups and small to mid size companies to the fortune 100, he has maintain a consistent track record for leveraging the science of human behavior and the practices of performance improvement to achieve bottom line business results for his client.

In his current position of Vice President at ABA Technologies, a leader in online education in behavior analysis, Manny leads a team to grow the organization, focusing on continuing education of certified professionals in behavior analysis, and consulting delivery of OBM and instructional design. When Manny is not working at ABA Technologies, he is currently supporting the special interest group the Organizational Behavior Management Network as the current President, focusing his efforts on implementing a mentoring program, and online webinars. In addition, Manny has served as a contributing writer for, and is a columnist for BAQ.


adam venturaAdam Ventura, M.S., BCBA has over 10 years experience working in the field of behavior analysis. He has worked with children and adults with various developmental disabilities, children with verbal behavior deficits and children at-risk for removal from their home.  Adam has provided instruction in crisis management and has been called upon as a leading expert throughout his community and in court room settings for expert testimony.  Moreover, Adam was appointed to the Local Review Committee where he served as a board member reviewing treatment plans and behavior programs for over three years.  Adam’s passion for Behavior Analysis evolved to owning and leading one the largest behavior analysis service providers in Florida.  As the Founder and CEO of World Evolve, Adam has grown his organization to employs over 160 certified and non-certified therapists with wide ranging experiences, serving more than 200 families in south Florida.

Adam’s experience is not limited to the applied field; he also serves as an adjunct professor role within the Behavior Analysis department at Florida International University.  He has conducted applied research in the area of functional assessments, and in experimental settings with an emphasis on learning methodologies for students with developmental disabilities and learning disorders.  In addition to his full time commitment to World Evolve, and his teachings at FIU, Adam is one of the founding members of the Miami Association for Behavior Analysis (MiABA), and COEBO, Credentialing Of Ethical Behavioral Organizations, a corporation established in 2015 to set and maintain the standards of ethical practice for behavioral organizations set forth in The Code Of Ethics for Behavioral Organizations.

Adam has sat on numerous committees and advisory boards over the course of the last decade and enjoys donating his time, knowledge, and experience to helping other businesses grow.  Adam aspires to contribute to the field of behavior analysis for years to come. His drive and motivation is contagious, his ideas are boundless, and he is sought after by organizations to drive performance improvement, growth, and talent retention.