Bridging the Employment Gap for Young Adults with Autism

POMPANO BEACH, July 11, 2017 – Finding gainful employment after completing school is not easy for young adults but for those on the autism spectrum, it is a significantly larger struggle to find employment once they are out of school.  The National Autism Indicators Report in 2015 found that a third of young adults with autism between high school and early 20’s were never employed or received any continuing education.  The A.J. Drexel Autism Institute shared that compared to their peers with other disabilities such as speech impairment or learning disabilities, young adults in their 20’s with autism were less likely to be working.

CentralReach, a software company that develops innovative practice management tools for ABA practices as well as other therapy-based practices, decided that it was time to act and start their own program, called the ReachOut Initiative, to train and employ young adults on the autism spectrum.

CentralReach is deeply involved in the autism community and works with over 30,000 providers to support individuals on the autism spectrum. CentralReach’s software technology offers scheduling, billing, and payroll support as well as clinical data collection and human resources tools. With the ReachOut initiative, the company has identified an opportunity to provide training and employment program for this underserved community in Florida. With over a dozen Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) on staff, including CEO Charlotte Fudge, CentralReach’s decision to launch the program was a natural extension of their mission to help individuals on the autism spectrum. “We are committed to giving back to the autism community and thrilled with the success of the ReachOut Initiative. We want to encourage and help other companies to join us and start their own ReachOut’s,” says Fudge.

CentralReach partnered with Vocation Depot, a nonprofit organization that assists Veterans and individuals with disabilities find gainful employment and meaningful careers. Vocation Depot provides job assessment services, career counseling, and job placement and retention services.  Katy Han, who leads the ReachOut team, worked with Lee Goldstein, Job Coach at Vocation Depot, to define the positions and identify and interview candidates. Lee stated, ”We are excited to have CentralReach join the growing number of organizations that are building an inclusive workplace. After collaborating with CentralReach to place three individuals on the autism spectrum as data entry specialists, it is rewarding to see CentralReach’s newest employees excelling and gaining both confidence and greater independence.”

With three newly-recruited employees on board, the ReachOut team not only supports data entry for new customers during implementation but also helps with lead generation activities for business development.  Katy has been impressed by the team’s incredible attention to detail as well as their energy and dedication. “The best part about leading the ReachOut team is their willingness and desire to work. They are so excited to do their best every day, and that excitement radiates throughout our office.”

As CentralReach continues to grow rapidly, it plans to expand the ReachOut Initiative.

About CentralReach
Founded in 2012, CentralReach develops innovative technology and tools for therapy-based organizations in applied behavior analysis, early intervention, education, as well as speech, occupational, and physical therapies. CentralReach serves over 30,000 clinicians with its leading-edge software for practice management and data collection built by a team of clinicians and technologists. It also provides full-service implementation and ongoing support to help organizations grow and thrive. For more information, please visit


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