Week in Review: 8.1.15-8.7.15

By Todd A. Ward, PhD, BCBA-D

Founding Editor,

Well, the first week of August is already behind us and, believe it or not, July was a record-setting month for, with over 41,000 page views!  The successful month reined in a highly successful week of articles from a number of bSci21 writers.  Below, you will find hyperlinks to this past week’s articles, along with brief summaries of each.  I hope you have a relaxing weekend and try to stay out of the heat, for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere!

This Simple Game Reduces Disruptive Classroom Behavior Significantly  Reviews a study by Donaldson et al. in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis evaluating the effectiveness of the Good Behavior Game on reducing disruptive behavior across five kindergarten classrooms.

How Thought Leadership Can Advance The Dissemination Of ABA  Provides five ingredients for becoming an effective thought leader, along with examples of existing leaders and their accomplishments within the field of behavior analysis.

U.S. Dept. Of Education: ABA Not Enough For Autism Treatment  Discusses a letter recently sent by the Director of the Office for Special Education Programs to state agencies, suggesting that ABA therapy is insufficient for the treatment of autism.

Three Obstacles To Treating Inappropriate Sexual Behavior In A School Setting Prompts you to challenge your own thought patterns to overcome obstacles in treating inappropriate sexual behavior in schools.

Parents Treat Disabilities With Marijuana  Discusses recent trends among Michigan parents to treat particularly severe cases of seizure disorders, and autism cases, with marijuana, along with legal battles to expand the states medical marijuana laws.

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