Scott Herbst Six FlexScott Herbst, PhD is the founder and Lead Trainer at SixFlex Training and Consulting.  After six years in academia, he left to pursue his passion of training leaders and managers to create, manage, and communicate in work environments where people are productive, excited, and vital.  As a course designer, he grounds his curricula in cutting edge research in language and thinking as well as decades of research in operant performance.  As a trainer, he is an engaging and powerful speaker who makes learning fun and exciting.   You can visit his company site at, or email at for more information.

Selected bSci21 articles by Scott include Words, Sticks, Stones, and FeedbackThe Language of Leaders;  You Don’t Listen!; and The Speaker Doesn’t Matter: What Research in Verbal Behavior Can Tell Us About Effective Communication.


Manny Rodriguez, M.S.

Manny Rodriguez, M.S. has over ten years of experience working within the Fortune 1000, and is currently the President of the OBM Network. Manny and ABA Technologies, Inc. provides products and services for behavior analysts and the general public. He provides online professional development in ABA, including coaching and mentoring, speaking engagements such as workshops, seminars, and webinars, and expert consulting in ABA, OBM, Instructional Design and Teaching Behavior Analysis. Manny can be reached at

Selected bSci21 articles by Manny include How Thought Leadership Can Advance the Dissemination of ABAFive Lessons Learned from Businesses Hiring Adults with AutismFive Strategies for Managing Generational Differences; and Challenged? Try Behavioral Momentum!


Todd A. Ward, PhD, BCBA-D is the Founding Editor and Owner of, one of the most popular ABA websites in the world.  Todd has extensive experience designing and implementing online performance-improvement modules for students and staff based on Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.  He is currently engaged in applied marketing research utilizing the Behavioral Perspective Model of consumer behavior.  Todd’s areas of expertise include the dissemination of behavior analysis, online applications of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Instructional Design, and Organizational Behavior Management. Todd can be reached at

Selected bSci21 articles by Todd include ABA Can’t Survive the 21st Century without Mobile Technology; Why Your Digital Health Device is Failing You;  Five Ways to Sell Your Ideas: With Help from Steve Jobs, ACT, and RFT; and Reinforcement Isn’t Real.

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