Marketing with RFT, Art, and Music

Speaker: Angela Cathey, M.A., LPC (CEO,

1 Type II CEU for BCBAs

Angela Cathey

Abstract: Relational Frame Theory (RFT) is the behavioral analytic account of how the generalized operant of ‘languaging’ develops. Further, RFT elaborates on how the properties of our verbal symbolic behavior contribute heavily to our experiences of suffering, our ‘intelligence’, creativity, and motivation. RFT is an extension of behavior analytic principles that accounts for many of our most distinguishing features as humans – our social nature, our ability to create, to transform, and to move others. Yet, in most cases, RFT has been taught in relation to basic research methods, and in this process it becomes largely devoid of its elegance. This brief webinar will introduce RFT and utilize art and music to assist you in gaining a basic understanding of RFT and its application to the arts and media.  We will subsequently discuss how RFT, art, and music, can be used to increase the appetitiveness of your marketing efforts to boost the bottom line of your company.

Learning Objectives:

1) Participants will be able to define transformation of stimulus functions.

2) Participants will be able to define rule-governed behavior.

3) Participants will be able to define defusion.

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