Your Organization as a Behavioral System




Speaker: Todd A. Ward, PhD, BCBA-D

President, bSci21Media, LLC

1.5 Type II CEUs

Abstract: Organizations are dynamic entities operating in a constantly changing milieu of cultural setting factors. Within an organization, Interlocking Behavioral Contingencies of many employees form work processes that contribute to your organization’s aggregate product or service.  From a behavioral perspective, it is imperative that business leaders have data streams in place to consistently monitor the functions of their products and services in the market place.  Leadership can then enact policy decisions to adapt work processes and individual-level performance to meet consumer demand.  This presentation will provide you with tools to start thinking about your business as a behavioral system.  In doing so, the bulk of the presentation will focus on the metacontingency, and will extrapolate many familiar concepts in working with individual ABA clients to the organization as a whole.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will be able to define an Interlocking Behavioral Contingency.
  2. Participants will be able to describe the function and topography of their aggregate products/services.
  3. Participants will be able to begin process mapping work processes in their organization.

Course Content

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