Dr. Pat Friman on the Behavioral Observations Podcast


By Matt Cicoria, M.S., BCBA

Host, The Behavioral Observations Podcast

In Session 10 of The Behavioral Observations Podcast, I speak with none other than Dr. Pat Friman. Pat is the Vice President of Behavioral Health Services at Boys Town as well as a Clinical Professor of Medicine in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Nebraska School of Medicine. Dr. Pat Friman

In today’s show, Pat tells the story of how he literally wandered into a career in
Behavior Analysis, as well as the remarkable story of how Boys Town was started and how it serves children and families today.

We then talk about his point of view on functional assessment practices, how he interviews parents, his take on what we refer to as, “kids these days,” and Behavior Analysts as parents. With regard to the latter, I accidentally broach some of my own parenting struggles, so you might have some fun at my expense (you’re welcome). 

This session of the podcast is sponsored by bSci21.org. If you’re interested in a good article about parenting, check out Zainab Fazal’s piece called, “My Kids Won’t Stop Fighting! How ABA Can Reduce Sibling Rivalry.”

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