Dr. Todd Ward of bSci21Media, LLC on the Behavioral Observations Podcast


By Matthew J. Cicoria MS, BCBA

Host, The Behavioral Observations Podcast

Session 5 of the Behavioral Observations Podcast features an in-depth conversation with Dr. Todd Ward, BCBA-D. Todd is the President of bSci21Media, LLC, which encompasses the Behavior Analysis news site, bSci21.org, as well as the online magazine, Behavior Analysis Quarterly.

In this interview, Todd tells us the story behind the creation of bSci21.org and what it’s like to run a news website, manage the work of contributing writers, etc… in the niche world of Behavior Analysis. He  tells a few fascinating stories along the way, and concludes with some sage advice for practitioners at all experience levels.

This session of the Behavioral Observations Podcast is indeed sponsored by bSci21.org, so please take a moment to go check out all the great articles that Todd and his merry band of contributing writers publish over there.

If you enjoy this episode, please head on over to iTunes and leave a review and rating. Doing so really helps this podcast stand out amongst all the others that are out there. Also, if you have suggestions for future guests or topics, please go to the contact page of behavioralobservations.com and drop me a line. Finally, if you’re interested in receiving an occasional newsletter, click on the large red button on the homepage to sign up for that.

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