Free Workshop: Positive Behavior Supports & Parenting

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Leanne Page, BCBA, Parenting with ABA

The science of behavior (aka behavior analysis) can help any and all parents save a little sanity every single day. Too often parents turn to punishment and consequences that negatively impact relationships. Behavior analysis can help them see a different way to address discipline and behavior management in the home.

In this free video workshop from Parenting with ABA, a BCBA shares behavior analysis strategies with parents. Parents are encouraged to shift their perspective from punishing bad behavior to increasing desired behaviors through the use of research-based positive behavior supports.

Why should all parents learn about behavior analysis? Parents are bombarded with information, tips, tricks, and strategies. Many (if not most) of those are opinion. They are the opinion of some “expert” or another. Behavior analysis is science. Applying the principles of the science of behavior can make serious, meaningful behavior change rooted in decades of evidence. Standing on the firm foundation of scientific research can help parents to go from feeling overwhelmed to confident.

Using positive behavior supports to increase desired behaviors can help parents to stop the nagging, arguing, and even yelling that may have become routine in their family. Break the cycle of unpleasant interactions, of reactive emotions that can easily be blown out of proportion. Instead, use intentional strategies of positive reinforcement and be consistent. Even when a problem arises, there is a system in place. No need for an emotional explosion from the parent, instead the child can choose to engage in the behaviors to earn reinforcement or not.

The Turn it Positive Workshop includes practical examples of success stories where parents prevented a problem behavior or changed the pattern through the use of positive reinforcement strategies. Parents can learn what is and is not ABA, the definition of positive reinforcement, and get ideas of how to look at situations through a behavioral lens.

Parents are encouraged to use positive reinforcement to increase desired behaviors in their homes and go from being frazzled and overwhelmed to confident, cool, calm, and collected.

The workshop can be found here and shared with any and all parents who can benefit by turning it positive in their own family.

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