From a mother and therapist: Why I chose the ABA DrOmnibus app.

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Maria Dubis


The therapy of a child with autism isn’t easy. Every therapist is supported by the theoretical knowledge they have learned at university, courses, and workshops. In contrast, parents have no such knowledge to rely upon that could help them to continue the therapy at home.

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This is where the ABA DrOmnibus app comes in: the app allows therapists to assign their learners tasks to do at home. Since these tasks are based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), therapists can be sure that the effects provided by the therapy sessions will continue in their absence.  Likewise, parents are guaranteed not to make a mistake when doing exercises with their children, because the app guides each user step-by-step through the learning process so that each child consistently follows a particular learning path.

Below, we will tell you how Alexandra Randjelovic, who is both the mother of a boy with autism and a therapist who uses the ABA approach, implements the ABA DrOmnibus App to make therapy more effective.

– Is it possible to conduct therapy at home? How do you conduct therapy at home for your son?

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– It is possible to take part of the therapy at home, though I think that this can’t replace a  team of professionals, of course. However, the ABA DrOmnibus app is great: it can save a lot of time for the child and therapists, as well as money. The parent should know something about ABA and Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT).  If you don’t know ABA, you might not see the important nuances in the app, such as providing help, stepping in during tasks, and evaluating. The app features a lot of different materials  and flashcards, and while most children love technology, they need to be introduced into educational apps and learn, like with everything else. It seems to me to be a variant of DTT in ABA therapy.

– What do you think are the positive sides of modern therapy?

– Saving time and money is always important.  However, there are minor shortcomings, which can affect the assessment. Giving help is perfect, because an app isn’t always ideal.  Other applications do not have the help and stepping up of help. The fact that a therapist is not living with a child means that some things can’t be seen and evaluated immediately.

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My son, for example, didn’t want to look at the next task, he would lose his attention (he has difficulties with attention and learning) and would at some point stop the task. However, the app successfully encouraged him to learn by giving him extra games as rewards. So I think the extra games are a necessary and effective feature of the app.

-Could you tell us something about autism therapy in Serbia, where you live?

– In our country, children do not have quality or intensity in therapies, unfortunately. I’m very happy that I found the ABA DrOmnibus app. I would like to have an app in Serbian. Maybe we could somehow find help for that. I think this modern therapy will be a great chance for children with autism from all around the world.

The DrOmnibus app supports the therapist and parents of children with autism. You are a therapist, but also the mother of a boy with autism.  What is the most valuable aspect of this app?

– I like that the DrOmnibus app expands the levels of difficulty, as well as the tasks within the existing levels. The app has different levels of tasks, so it’s good for both low- and high-functioning kids with autism. The app is phenomenal, and it’s certainly wonderful that you still want to upgrade it and expand it. For me, DrOmnibus is the best app on the market!

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An interview with Alexandra Randjelovic – mother of a 10-year-old boy with autism and special needs therapist from Serbia by Maria Dubis- Content Marketing and Social Media Specialist for DrOmnibus, a company creating  ABA DrOmnibus – Resources App. Master’s degree of Political Science and Social Media & Content Marketing. She contributed social campaign “Equal in diversity”.




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