Helping all parents harness the power of positive reinforcement

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New ABA training website for all parents!

Behavior analysts change the world through the science of behavior. Parenting with ABA specifically saves parents’ sanity through the use of evidence-based positive behavior supports.  All parents can learn to teach and reinforce desired behaviors within their own home.

In this free video workshop from Parenting with ABA, Leanne Page, BCBA, shares behavior analytic strategies with parents. Parents are encouraged to shift their perspective from punishing bad behavior to increasing desired behaviors through the use of research-based positive behavior supports.

In the final video of the series, an ongoing training and support program is introduced: the Parenting with ABA Membership.

The members will follow the Parenting with ABA Success Path that takes parents from frazzled and overwhelmed to confident and relaxed.

Members will receive a 20-30 minute lesson on behavior analysis for parents each week with a webinar, tip sheet, recommended easy reads, and a to-do list with action items. There is a private interactive community for discussion and sharing only available to members on Facebook.

Enrollment is only open a few times a year for the Parenting with ABA Membership website.

The membership success path takes parents from frazzled to confident on a journey through five stages:

  1. Turn it positive- Reduce nagging and arguing by learning basics of positive reinforcement and strategies to apply right away.
  2. Be a teacher- learn to face problems as a missing skill you can teach and reinforce to see more of.
  3. You’ve got skills- Use the skills and background knowledge you’ve learned to help your child(ren) to be more independent.
  4. Apply your skills- Practice using positive behavior supports everywhere!
  5. Behavior master- Face new problems with ease and positive reinforcement. Become the master whom others turn to for advice. You’ve got this!

Behavior analysts can share the free video workshop with families they serve to support the life-changing work of ABA taking place each day. The Parenting with ABA Membership can greatly benefit all parents- supporting those who are already receiving ABA services and reaching a greater audience by introducing behavior analytic principles to families who would otherwise miss out on the incredible science.

Find more information at Parenting with ABA and in the Parenting with ABA Community.

*Paid content from Parenting with ABA.

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