How technology and behavioral science can take teams to a higher level.

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DALLAS, TEXAS, November 17th, 2017 — As our world becomes hyper-connected, humans struggle to work well together. ENSO Group works to facilitate team and organizational development by addressing the major systems of influence on our lives.


Relationships are the biggest influencer on the quality of our lives. Who you spend your time with and how well these relationships support your ability to pursue a life worth living. Our ability to communicate, collaborate, and meet common goals is what makes us human. When we are deprived of these things we struggle with motivation, mood, anxiety, and loneliness.


Our work lives are a major environment in which we spend our day-to-day lives – as such they highly influence our well-being. When these systems do not ‘work’ we experience adverse health outcomes, burnout, and lack of motivation (see Skinner’s, 1986, What’s wrong with daily life in the Western World).


Technology has become an ever increasing part of our lives. The way in which we relate to technologies, and to others through technologies can either be used to strengthen functional or dysfunctional behaviors.

ENSO Group creates integrative solutions so that teams can reach new heights. Our customized consulting and technology solutions help you build your empire and strengthen your team. We provide functional assessment of business driving contingencies, from Behavioral Systems Analysis to supporting gains with technology – we help you walk your path to purpose.

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