Manny Rodriguez & OBM on The Behavioral Observations Podcast

By Matt Cicoria, M.S., BCBA

Host, The Behavioral Observations Podcast

In this session of The Behavioral Observations Podcast, Manny Rodriguez joins us to give an insider’s view into the field of Organizational Behavior Management. Manny is Vice President of ABA Technologies, responsible for Continuing Education, Consulting, and Product Development, with over a decade of experience both in OBM and ABA clinical practice.

In our chat, we talk about how he first got into OBM, what a typical day-in-the-life is like for an OBM practitioner, the similarities and differences between clinical and OBM practice, and what the future of OBM holds. Towards the end of the episode, I encourage him to plug his forthcoming book that he has written with co-authors Dan Sundberg and Shannon Biagi, called OBM Applied!

You can read an excerpt from OBM Applied! on our own site in his article Engaging the Doers: A Menu for Employee Engagement.

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