Scaling an ABA Agency with CentralReach: An Interview with Dr. Barbara Endlich of BAE

By Todd A. Ward, PhD, BCBA-D

President, bSci21Media, LLC

Dr. Barbara Endlich is Executive Director of Behavior And Education (BAE), has been working in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) since 1999 where she worked as a front-line staff running ABA programs for kids with autism.  Eventually, she earned a doctorate specializing in feeding interventions and co-founded BAE with Todd Endlich in 2008.  Recently, I had the privilege of talking to her about her company and their use of the CentralReach platform.

Like most startups, BAE managed their operations with spreadsheets, in addition to a software management system for scheduling and billing.  And it makes sense – spreadsheets are free and simple to use.  But, as the business grew, increasing work demands turned the existing tools from business facilitators to a hinderance.  In the search for a more robust business management platform, BAE tried several but none quite fit their needs, until they found CentralReach two years ago.

Barbara Endlich, Psy.D, BCBA-D Executive Director, BAE.

For example, Barbara discussed how the platform makes scheduling easy and effortless.  In seconds, she can pull up hours worked by each staff to ensure they are making the most of authorized billable hours from funding sources.  If hours are underutilized, areas in the week on which to add hours become readily apparent.

On the clinical side, BAE utilizes the CentralReach curriculum library to build out prototype templates that BCBAs can customize to fit the needs of their particular clients.  She noted “if a BCBA needs a stimulus fading program for feeding, they can pull up the template and adjust parameters to fit the particulars of the case.”

But from the perspective of a BCBA, the real power of CentralReach comes from the data analytics capabilities that enable BCBAs and staff to make the most of their time with clients.  All of the front-line staff at BAE take data on tablets (no more binders!), which is fed into the CentralReach system in real time for instant graphing and feedback on mastered targets and behavior reduction programs.  Moreover, the BCBA can pull up client data from any location and make clinical decisions before ever arriving to the supervision site, thereby enabling more time during supervision for direct interactions with staff, clients, and parents. 

From Barbara’s perspective, she has found CentralReach to be very responsive to feedback from users and incorporates said feedback into regular monthly software updates. Moreover, the integrated, real-time, nature of the platform has greatly facilitated performance evaluations for staff and associated bonus structures, as well as ongoing monitoring of insurance claims.

Today, BAE serves over 300 clients in Los Angeles County, Orange County, North Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, and the Inland Empire.  The company employs over 160 staff and 15 BCBAs in a mixture of in-home and school based services, along with a new vocational training program to provide jobs for adults on the spectrum.  That type of growth doesn’t come easy, but with the CentralReach platform it doesn’t feel as hard.

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Todd A. Ward, PhD, BCBA-D is the President and Founder of bSci21Media, LLC, which owns the top behavior analytic media outlet in the world,  bSci21Media aims to disseminate behavior analysis to the world and to support ABA companies around the globe through the Behavioral Science in the 21st Century blog and its subsidiaries, bSciEntrepreneurial, bSciWebDesign, bSciWriting, bSciStudios and the ABA Outside the Box CEU series.  Dr. Ward received his PhD in behavior analysis from the University of Nevada, Reno under Dr. Ramona Houmanfar.  He has served as a Guest Associate Editor of the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, and as an Editorial Board member of Behavior and Social Issues.  Dr. Ward has also provided ABA services to children and adults with various developmental disabilities in day centers, in-home, residential, and school settings, and previously served as Faculty Director of Behavior Analysis Online at the University of North Texas.  Dr. Ward is passionate about disseminating behavior analysis to the world and growing the field through entrepreneurship. Todd can be reached at

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