Sexting Is More Prevalent Than You Think

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By Todd A. Ward, PhD, BCBA-D

Founding Editor,

CBS News recently reported on a study by Drexel University researchers on the behavior of sexting.  Sexting was defined broadly as any transmission of sexually suggestive content via mobile devices.

Researchers surveyed 870 adults ranging from 18 to 82 years old about their sexting habits, and what they found may surprise you.  What has popularly been relegated to teens and college students is highly prevalent among the adult population, with a whopping 88% of participants admitting to sexting at least once.

Interestingly, results suggested other correlates to sexting such as greater sexual satisfaction, particularly among “committed couples.”  Columbia University psychology professor Sari Locker was quoted as saying sexting “opens up sexual communication and it keeps the spark alive.”

However, sexting can have a dark side.  Dr. Locker noted security and privacy concerns among teenagers and young adults.  And don’t forget — once you hit that “send” button, there’s no telling where your message might end up.

What the study didn’t investigate, however, was the conditions under which sexting is most likely to occur. Moreover, under what conditions is sexting more likely to interfere with committed relationships and facilitate cheating or other immoral or even unlawful behavior?  Lastly, under what conditions is sexting likely maintained purely by positive reinforcement, versus the avoidance or escape from other aversive situations?

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