bSci21 receives approx. 30,000 users each month, most of whom come from organic search.  Thus, content should be accessible to the behavioral science community as well as the rest of the world.  If you are interested in reaching this audience as a guest author, you can send us your article as a Word file to

We have just a few guidelines:

  1. The topic should relate to behavior analysis in some way, as understood from the philosophies of Radical Behaviorism, Interbehaviorism, Functional Contextualism, or others.  We are particularly interested in articles that connect to news stories, current events, or broader issues.
  2. You should link your article to the scientific literature in some way.
  3. You shouldn’t solicit products or services in your article.  We have writing services for that.
  4. You should speak in an engaging and accessible way, not in an academic way more suitable for a journal.
  5. We typically don’t publish original data that would be more suited for a peer-reviewed journal.
  6. Length…keep it brief and your point succinct – up to two-single spaced pages.
  7. You may include a bio and professional headshot, which links to your business, university, social media, email, or similar destination.
  8. Email your draft to for review and consideration.  Submission does not guarantee publication.  You should hear back from us within a week.

For any other questions on this process, please email us at!