Take a selfie for autism!

Take a selfie. This time, for autism!

Create with DrOmnibus a collage from 1,000,000 selfies

Let’s demystify autism together! Join our social project for the World Autism Awareness Month.

Send us a photo to show how you support persons with autism and how you celebrate the World Autism Awareness Month.

Together, we will create a one-of-a-kind piece of art!

Send your selfie to Maria at DrOmnibus ([email protected]), then you will get as a gift along with free two-month access to the ABA DrOmnibus Resource app, designed for children with autism.

Let’s demystify autism together! We’re creating a collage from 1,000,000 selfies 

Every April, people worldwide celebrate the World Autism Awareness Month. April, 2nd can be called a festival of autism. The UN has decided that on this day, the entire world should talk about persons from the autism spectrum in order to demystify the subject and call society’s attention to the issues and needs of persons with autism.

Companies across the world, including both the largest corporations and small, local enterprises, mark April in blue on their calendars. Various events, outdoor games, crowdfunding, and flashmobs – organizations are outdoing one another in ideas about how to celebrate this unique month. But the most important thing is the idea itself: the world wants to speak out about autism, and speak out loud!

As a company that designs tools supporting the therapy of children from the autism spectrum, we organize educational and social events every year. This time, we decided to use social media to show that all actions related to autism have one thing in common: the community.

Together, we can achieve more and demystify autism – all it takes is to talk about it openly and without shame.

To join our action, you only need to take a selfie and sent it to us. You can become part of a great collage that you will get from us as a gift and that we are going to share with the whole world.

As a thank-you present, everyone who participates in our action will get the very best that we can offer: our app 😉

Take a selfie. This time, for autism!

DrOmnibus is a  MedTech company, a team of experts with long-standing experience in therapy and new technologies. Since 2013, we have been translating our knowledge and passion into effective and attractive solutions based on the newest discoveries and the most effective methods. We create all-in-one tool focusing on resources for ABA therapy – is the first software from the ABA industry that has successfully joined the Google ecosystem. In 2017, DrOmnibus was invited as one of four European companies to join San Francisco’s Google Launchpad Accelerator.

ABA DrOmnibus Resource APP is a tool dedicated to both ABA professionals and parents. It helps ABA Agencies to conduct their business efficiently and provides you with an all-in-one tool to manage therapists and their learners with an easy-to-use app.

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