Video: 3 Business Tips for Behaviorists, by Angela Cathey

Anyone who is familiar with Skinner’s writings know that he thought big.  His grand vision included a technology of behavior change for all of the world’s behavior-related problems.  One could argue that entrepreneurs are the primary drivers along the road to his vision.  Towards that end, Dr. Todd Ward, President of bSci21Media, had the fortunate opportunity to interview Angela Cathey, M.A., the Director of Enso Social Labs.  In the above video, Angela gives three tips for behaviorists who wish to make their innovative product or service a reality by starting their own business.

Her first suggestion is to find a mentor that really understands your product or service.  This can be tricky for those in the behavioral tradition given the relatively technical aspects of our field.  Next is customer validation.  This refers to a wide range of strategies that will help give you a better idea of the problem that your product/service is designed to solve, and whether or not people would pay money for your product/service.  Lastly, Angela recommends that you get comfortable with uncertainty.  Entrepreneurship is a very exciting life direction, but it also means you forgo the certainty of a steady paycheck.

For more information, be sure to check out our interview with Angela above!
Angela Cathey, M.A. is a writer, consultant, entrepreneur, and Director of Enso Social Labs. Her background is in processes of change and intervention development. She has trained with experts in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP), cognitive-behavioral exposure-based treatments, and Relational Frame Theory (RFT). Her interests are in process, innovation, and development of solutions for sustainable large-scale change. She has published in numerous academic journals on process, measurement, and intervention development. Enso-driven analytics systems are used to inform leadership and team building interventions, as well as research in the behavioral sciences. Angela can be reached at [email protected]. Stay up-to-date with Enso Social Labs at or see Angela’s personal website at

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